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How to Drive External Traffic to Amazon

Looking for the best ways to increase your Amazon product sessions and conversion rate with external traffic? Then read on; this blog post is for you!

The Amazon market has become a very crowded place. As the world's largest e-commerce platform, with more than 350 million products and over 1.9 million active retailers joining more and more every day, it's getting harder to stand out. Therefore, it’s essential to drive external traffic to Amazon because it's also the best way to stay ahead of your competitors.

Expanding your reach and finding potential customers outside of Amazon will give you an even more significant advantage. Let's see how!

What is external traffic for Amazon sellers?

Amazon advertising and focusing on external traffic covers any traffic (visitors, links, audience, reach) that comes from anywhere outside the Amazon market: no regular search results, no PPC ads, no related lists, etc. External traffic can come from sources such as email, social networking platforms like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, your own website/store, search engines such as Google and Bing, video hosting services such as YouTube, TikTok, etc.

External sources of traffic can be free or paid. For example, traffic from search engines such as Google is free. Examples of paid sources include traffic from sponsored links on Google, advertising on other websites, and targeted advertising on Facebook-Meta.

Where does all the traffic come from?

According to Statista, 2021, search engines were the foremost online source for finding products worldwide. According to the survey, 40%of online shoppers said they were looking for products through the channel. Amazon came in second, with 38% of respondents using the platform to shop online. And what about the others? Where do they find products? Let's play detective.

Here is helpful statistics from SimilarWeb about the web traffic of the e-commerce giant (a.k.a. Amazon) received from desktop users in April 2021.

Most visitors come from the United States. They are interested in buying video games, consoles, computer electronics, technologies, etc. Here, it's essential to pay attention to sources of traffic.

As we can see, more than half of Amazon's traffic is direct, meaning it comes from its website. So people go straight to Amazon and type their queries into the search box.

Thus, about 42% of traffic comes from outside. Bingo! It means, you have 42% of opportunity to attract more leads. Speaking of numbers, it's about a billion visits to your online business.

Let's see what these profitable sources of traffic are.

How would you do it if you weren't a regular visitor to Amazon and looking for a product or service? Like everyone else, you would search for it using your chosen browser.

And believe us, if 90% of search traffic is organic, it works in your favor. Thus, you don't need to invest many resources to search engine rankings.
There is no necessity to write in detail about Google. You know already that it's the most used search engine globally. Its market share in search engines is a staggering 92.18%.

Bing is in second place and is followed by 8.04% and about 1.3 billion visits per month, Baidu is in third place with 7.34%, and it's the most popular in China.

Driving external traffic to your accounts on Amazon, you can use the help of Google and Bing. They can bring you the most visitors.

Social media
As expected, most of the external traffic comes from social networking platforms.

Interestingly, YouTube leads with 60%. This confirms what many experts have noticed and predicted over the past few years — video has become the king of content marketing.
Facebook-Meta is in the second place and still brings lots of leads to Amazon, however, the Ads on this platform can be costly.

Another interesting source of external traffic is Reddit, a forum website that discusses content created by humans. There, people discuss everything, literally. From personal, romantic questions to technical topics, asking for advice on various things, and more.

Pinterest is about visuals. So, if your products have a good design and are mostly designed for women, Pinterest is probably a reliable option for outdoor traffic.

A lot of external traffic comes from referrals. This is usually achieved through a referral program, where existing customers are encouraged to introduce their friends, family, acquaintances, etc., to the seller's products and turn them into buyers.
Amazon had its own Amazon Prime referral program, which stopped working in October 2017, as they probably concluded that they no longer needed it to expand their customer base.

But when they created their app, they launched a $10 mobile referral program that offers each new user $5 if they share the app with their contacts, who then offered $5 to spend on the website if they installed the app.

This led to a massive organic increase in downloads, which led to an increase in the rating, which ultimately led to an increase in the position of the program from №80 to №27.

Email marketing is undoubtedly still in place, being only a slightly less helpful source of external traffic for Amazon than social networking.

It shows that even though the average number of discoveries is about 20%, emails are still an effective way to generate traffic to your website.

Why drive external traffic to Amazon?

Driving external traffic provides you with more access to more potential customers. By using channels outside of Amazon to drive traffic, you should expect:

  • Amazon expends your pool of leads
  • You get advantage over competitors
  • Sales on Amazon are becoming increasingly competitive
  • Amazon can reward you

However, there is absolutely no best source of traffic to view Amazon. It depends on what assets you currently own, what products you sell, who your target market is, and your business goals. So try the following tips.

Stay ahead of the competition

Undoubtedly, optimizing your Amazon listings for organic sales is always your top priority. However, the problem is that each of your competitors does the same.

As we speak, the number of sellers increases every day under the “FBA step” or Fulfillment by Amazon.

Now you may have a question about how you can stand out in this competition.

One of the most effective ways for potential customers to see and recognize your products is through external media, such as blogs, social networks, videos, and more.

This helps bypass all Amazon-sponsored advertising that tries to steal your visibility on Amazon.

Increase brand awareness 

Another effective way for Amazon sellers to thrive and survive is their visible and robust brand. Something that sets them apart from others.

However, the issue is that Amazon provides fewer opportunities to achieve this. This is because they want to promote their brand first and foremost to customers.

Therefore, pushing these boundaries can be dangerous. To stand out, be creative. Design your exclusive brand style and voice and make it, so people can remember.

When you create a brand style, it helps you differentiate your products from others on Amazon.

Drive more traffic and sales

Attracting external traffic is one of the ideal ways to increase your sales on Amazon, and it helps you create a strong brand image.

If you no longer rank high on the Amazon SERP, then attracting outside traffic allows you to increase your rankings and sales speed. If your rank of potential keywords on the Amazon SERP is high, we still recommend you to use external traffic to reach more potential customers.

Instead of relying solely on Amazon, external traffic gives you control. You will definitely succeed, increase sales, and have long-term relationships with your customers if you master various ways to drive traffic to your Amazon shop.

Boost your keyword rankings and BSR

So here's a simple formula. High traffic = increased sales.

Because sales speed is one of the deciding factors in the Amazon A9 algorithm, it often translates into higher ratings. Thus, external traffic is an addition to Amazon's organic traffic. Instead of relying on potential buyers to find your products, you can find them yourself and contact them to increase sales.

Diversify your customer base

Applying the right Amazon SEO strategies and driving sales through them makes sense. But know that when customers buy your product on Amazon, they are not your customers. Instead, they are Amazon customers.

Think about your business model. You are here not only to sell products but also to create a powerful brand. And it has more chances to develop with the help of external means.

Amazon might reward you

Most sellers claim that Amazon rewards you for increasing the amount of external traffic to its product lists. Although this statement has not been proven or confirmed, it makes sense. When a reseller directs external traffic to Amazon, it also helps the company attract more customers, helping sellers and its profits grow.

Skip the internal competition

Sales on Amazon are even more competitive than ever. You have a massive advantage over your competitors when you send traffic from outside to Amazon's listings. If done correctly, you won't have to compete with other products on Amazon SERP. Instead, you direct visitors directly to your ads.

5 ways to drive external traffic to Amazon in a nutshell

Summarizing the above, we advise you to pay attention to this step-by-step guide on driving external traffic to Amazon.

Optimize high-quality product
You can successfully direct external traffic to ads with incorrect titles, poorly written product descriptions, poor quality images, and no A + content, but that would be futile. Your bounce rates will be huge. You will not convert visitors with low-quality product lists. So take care of it first, and then move on to the next steps.

Drive traffic from search engines
Keyword optimization of product lists is essential. Including keywords that your target audience is likely to search for, which should be relevant to your products, increases the likelihood that they will appear in the top 5 search engine rankings. SEO content writing will help you increase your online presence.

Drive traffic from social media platforms
With 4.79% and numerous marketing opportunities, social networks can drive a lot of traffic to your posts, especially YouTube. As a result, video can improve your sales. So, if you sell leisure equipment, you should shoot videos in nature, showing how your products work on real examples. Of course, the same goes for any other type of product.

Drive traffic from referrals
From time to time, launch a referral program in which you would offer your existing customers a specific incentive (discount, part of your product, free shipping, special membership, etc.) to turn their friends and family into your new customers.

Drive traffic from emails
Considered old-fashioned and inefficient, emails still generate significant traffic, so they should not be neglected. Everyone has one or several email accounts. Thus, you can create an email campaign that is persistent or spam-free. You shouldn't expect high conversions from emails; however, you can interest readers in what you offer to bring them to your product  lists with exciting content.

To sum it up

In this traffic guide, we've tried to share with you tips that may help you increase your audience and sales. The critical conclusion of each study is that combining different approaches into one holistic strategy provides the greatest success. This one is no different.

If you conduct an expert SEO program of your products, skillfully manage your accounts on social networks, present well-created videos, launch effective electronic campaigns while attracting your audience, you will not fail.

AdBricks is an effective digital marketing agency. We help clients drive external traffic to Amazon, create marketing strategies, and optimize their sales. Let’s connect if you need some consultation.
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